About – The F* Word.

About Us

I have typed and re typed this page so many times and actually the reality is, we let our flowers speak for themselves! We don’t stick to any rules when it comes to floristry…. we threw that book out from the start.

I’m Hannah and I’m owner/bouquet maker/deliverer/hot chocolate drinker and all round nice person… or so I like to think! During lockdown 2020, I got made redundant from my full time job and thought F*** and well… that’s how The F* Word was born! I wish it was a longer story than that, but what’s the saying… when life give you lemons… make lemonade!? well when life gives you flowers… make bouquets!

I have an awesome husband who has supported my decision to take this step and amazing family and friends (especially our neighbours who totally embrace all our wild decisions!) always willing to help out when needed and help with covering childcare … oh yeah forgot to mention, we also have a 1 year old, Teddy who also so happens to be The F* Word’s biggest supporter! You’ll often find him out on deliveries with us donning his work top or running towards the workshop to grab his daily dose of flowers!

So that’s us! I love free flowing natural flowers, which are wildly put together and so if you like that kind of thing, then you’re in the right place!